Friday, July 13, 2007

Week 4- Thing 8- First off the podcast doesn't seem to be working. has anyone else noticed this?
I set up by bloglines account. I was trying to select the feeds that I wanted, didn't realize that I was making selections and ended up with lots of feeds. I had to go back and edit and delete the ones I didn't want. I'm still checking out some and may edit as I go until I find the ones I really want to keep. It was interesting to explore and view all the choices.


PJ said...

I can tell by reading your post that I'll probably need your help with this thing. It sounds interesting, but confusing. I have just completed #7 so I'm working on catching up to you. By the way, nice blog page!

Ellen said...

I agree - nice blog! I was able to listen to the podcast from home so your difficulty may be due to issues with our work bandwidth.